K-STEP Awards! - K-STEP Ally Award

At K-STEP, we strive to recognize individuals and organizations in Kansas who help achieve equality, awareness, and education for transgender Kansans and their families.

The Ally Award is created to recognize individuals and organizations who are outstanding allies to Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project.

2017 Recipients - Alyssa Bryant; Black Trans Women, Inc.

2016 Recipients - Pedro Irigonegaray; Black Trans Men, Inc.

2015 Recipient - College Hill United Methodist Church

2014 Recipient - Thomas Witt - Equality Kansas

Award Created in Recognition of the amazing efforts of Thomas Witt and Equality Kansas in support of transgender Kansans - April 12, 2014

Jane Newman Pioneer Award

Paula Keiser For the Kids Award

K-STEP Awards - August 15, 2015

K-STEP Awards - April 12, 2014

K-STEP Awards - August 24, 2012

K-STEP Awards - April 17, 2011

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