Jay Pryor

Jay Pryor is a transformational leader and serves as a guide for people committed to transforming anything in the way of having a happy and fulfilled life.  As a coach, speaker and corporate trainer he has helped people produce jaw dropping, life-changing results.  His playful and practical approach give people the tools and permission to wake up to the power they have to create their own lives.

Jay is a happily married father of two living in Lawrence, KS where he loves to watch Jayhawk basketball and spend time with friends and family.  In addition to being a life coach, keynote speaker and corporate trainer, he volunteers with the Kansas Area Statewide Transgender Education Project (KSTEP) in order to educate the public about transgender issues. 

Presentation Overview:

This presentation will focus on understanding and increasing the skills of three characteristics from the concept of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence.  These characteristics include self-awareness, self-discipline, and empathy.  An understanding of these characteristics will have immediate personal benefit to presenters but will also equip them to be conscious of their audience in a new way.  Presenters will leave with new tools for understanding and dealing with emotional hijack as well as how to manage others when triggered

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